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Taylor Morton • February 17, 2022

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I know starting a business is difficult and I also know that determining goals for your business can be really hard. I hope this post will help you determine what your business goals are and accomplishing all of them. Determining what my business goals would be and frankly what I would want my business to be was a pretty difficult thing! I knew what I wanted my busines to be and I knew what I wanted to offer but getting it done was pretty difficult for me. I am one of those people who can do anything I want but having a plan is where things get iffy. So, I am here today to tell you how I personally figured out my goals and set them!

This one should be very easy. If it’s not that is OKAY just take some time to really think about it. This can be within the next 6 months or the next 5 years. I think it is definitely okay to know where you want your business to be long term. Below is my goals for the next year.

In the next year I want to:

  • Post more on social media to build a better community
  • Offer educational resources
  • Open a studio
  • Offer newborn sessions
  • Create a better client experience that serves them better
  • Start a podcast

I have already accomplished a few of these goals just by setting them as goals and setting a plan to make it happen.

After you write down every little goal you may have go through and think about which ones will actually benefit you in your personal life and you in your business. It is easy to want to do everything I am really bad about this however when you own a business it is completely okay to pick one thing and grow it to its fullest potential. I personally really love wedding photography, newborn photography, and offering education for photographers just starting out. So, it was easy to look at all the goals I had written down and pull a few out that would serve those things better and create an amazing experience with every client I have. Your biggest goal should be to serve your clients well because it is very hard to have a business that doesn’t put their clients first.

No goal and no person are the same so determining how long you want to give yourself for each goal is a huge part of this. I have written down in my calendar when I want each of my goals to be accomplished. This gives me a time frame, so I get it done and I don’t put it off. If you don’t get it done in this time frame it is perfectly okay things happen, I just found that this works best for me and keeps me accountable.

It is soooo easy to make excuses on why something is not getting done. But this is 2022 and we are getting it done this year!! So set your goals and then make a DETAILED PLAN on how you can make it happen. The only person who can grow your business is you so creating a business plan will only help you. This is easily the most important part of all of this it is easy to set goals and give yourself a time frame but to actually make it all happen is another story. Below is what my plan for each goal includes so it helps me accomplish it!

Your plan should include:

  • The goal
  • When you want to have it finished
  • The reward you want to give yourself for finishing
  • Why this is important for your business
  • A step-by-step plan detailing how you will make this happen and when will each step take place.

It is always nice to give yourself a reward and a reminder on why these things need to happen.

I hope this helped you and if you need help on setting goals just send me a message and I would love to help!


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