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A luxury wedding photographer eternally devoted to capturing the beauty of your union.

Over the past eight years, we've been documenting weddings across the southern states for high-end clientele. Our mission goes beyond beautiful photos and we are constantly aiming to create an unbelievably amazing experience for each of our clients.

The importance of each of our couples is reflected in the limited amount of weddings we take on each year. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and all of our services and products reflect this.

We believe in beautiful photos, beautiful moments, and a heart-centered business. We are so honored to be trusted with creating such amazing memories for each of our clients

the best thing ever

I wouldn't change a thing.

I’m a Georgia based Wedding photographer, mommy, and cheesecake lover. Obsessed with: Family, Naps, and good books. I’ve been keeping it real since 1997.

I started my business when I was just 17 years old. Since then I have turned that small hobby into a full time career photographing beautiful couples love stories. Throughout my 8 years in business, I have been lucky enough to photograph over 200 weddings throughout Georgia and the other southern states. 

my biggest passion

Bringing couples together...

Over the past eight years, Taylor has specialized in weddings and portraits all over the southern states. Taylor specializes in a light and airy photographic style and capturing the real and raw moments that will last a lifetime. She loves to tell each couple's story in a dreamy and romantic way.

Taylor’s work is strongly influenced by luxury and fine art photography. She loves working closely with each of her clients and truly becoming a bigger part of their lives.

my favorite things

A Peek Behind the Scenes

Some fun facts about me are I rarely watch tv but when I do, I just repeat the shows I already watched because I know I will love them. My favorite way to relax after a long day is with a bubble bath and good glass of white wine more than likely Moscato. My favorite bottle only cost $10, and it is sooooo yummy. I am obsessed with all things bright and beautiful. Which is crazy because most of my wardrobe is black colored. 

white wine


my family


beach at sunset



lifelong memories

Creating images that celebrate the joy of living is my calling. I yearn to create images with deeper meanings.
I wanted to capture the stories, moments, and feelings.