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Taylor Morton • January 7, 2022

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            When I sat down to start planning my business goals for 2022, I realized I was not sure where I wanted to be at the end of 2022. I knew I wanted to be back full time and I knew I wanted to run my business more efficiently. Not only did I want to work hard on my business, but I wanted to work hard for other people’s businesses. I want to be a better creative friend. I saw that a lot of my goals that I had set for 2021 are coming into 2022 with me. I spent a lot of time in 2021 focusing on a ton of little things instead of focusing on a couple of big things. Doing this stressed me out a lot and I realized I accomplished nothing that I had hoped to. So here are all the things I will accomplish in 2022!

Main goals:

  1. I want to look at my business in a year and be truly happy with it and be proud of all the things it has done!
  2. I want to photograph at least 10 weddings.
  3. I want to start offering newborn sessions.
  4. I want to start offering educational resources.
  5. I want to start a podcast.
  6. I want to open a studio.
  7. I want to spend more time encouraging other creatives.

Small goals:

  1. I want to be more active on social media. (I am terrible at this)
  2. I want to become more of a friend to my clients.
  3. I want to spend more time learning.
  4. I want to reach 5,000 followers on Instagram.
  5. I want to invest more time into Pinterest

Determining what my 2022 goals would be was not easy. Come back next week to see how I figured out what I wanted my main goals for 2022 to be!

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