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When starting a photography business should you invest in a good lens or a good camera first

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Taylor Morton • February 22, 2023

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When you’re looking for quality photos, the camera lens matters more than the camera itself. This might sound like a strange thought but it’s true. A great camera lens will produce better results than a good camera. When it comes to buying cameras, many people focus on picking out the best camera body, when actually they should be focusing on finding the best lens. Let’s look into why the lens makes a bigger impact on your images than the actual camera does. 

The Difference Between Lenses and Bodies 

The difference between lenses and bodies is pretty simple. The body of a camera houses all of its working parts—the viewfinder, buttons, display screen, memory card slot, etc.—while the lens is what focuses light onto your image sensor. Essentially, this means that your lens is what captures an image—not your body. So while having a good camera body will make taking pictures easier and more enjoyable, it won’t necessarily improve your images. 

Choosing the Right Lens 

Choosing the right lens for your photography needs can seem overwhelming at first glance. There are so many different types of lenses out there with varying features and capabilities that it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for you. However, once you understand what each type of lens can do and how it affects your images, then you can begin narrowing down which one would work best for you based on your individual needs and budget. 

Image Quality Matters Most 

At the end of the day, image quality matters most when it comes to taking photographs. You could have an amazing camera body with all sorts of bells and whistles but if you don’t have a good quality lens then none of those features will matter because the resulting images won’t be as sharp or vibrant as they could be with a better lens. Investing in quality lenses will ensure that you get beautiful photos every time! 

When you’re shopping around for cameras or lenses, remember that lenses play an even bigger role in producing beautiful images than any other component of your gear does. Investing in quality lenses will ensure that you get stunning photos every time! Whether you’re shooting weddings or landscapes or anything else in between–investing in high-quality lenses is essential if you want to take your photography game up a notch!

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