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3 tips for creating consistent images during a session as a photographer

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Taylor Morton • January 25, 2023

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As a photographer, one of the most important things you can do is create consistent images during a session. After all, you want your clients to recognize your style and return to you for more services in the future. Here are three tips to help ensure that your images look consistent no matter the location or time of day. 

Prioritize Light 

Lighting is key when it comes to creating consistent images. Natural lighting is ideal, but if you’re shooting indoors or at night, artificial light can be just as good. Make sure that wherever you shoot has enough lighting and that it’s not too harsh or too dim. It’s also important to be aware of how the light affects your subject; pay attention to where shadows fall and how they impact the image overall. 

Similar Color Palette Throughout Your Locations  

The color palette of a location should match the overall tone of any given session. If your client wants a bright and airy feel, for example, look for locations with white walls or bright-colored furniture. If they want something more edgy and moody, darker colors will work best. You should also make sure that any props used throughout each session have a similar color palette so that everything looks cohesive when viewed together. 

Create a Style Guide 

It’s helpful to create a style guide so clients know what types of photos to expect from you. This way they’ll understand exactly what kind of photography services you provide before booking a session with you. Make sure your style guide visually matches your portfolio so clients can see the type of work they’ll receive when they hire you as their photographer. 

Creating consistent images during sessions is essential for any photographer who wants to develop their own unique style and build their business over time. By prioritizing light, using similar color palettes throughout each location, and creating a style guide for clients ahead of time, photographers can ensure that each photo taken during an individual session looks like it belongs together in an album—regardless of which locations are chosen for shooting! With these three tips in mind, photographers can create beautiful and cohesive images every single time!

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