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Taylor Morton • April 11, 2022

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What is an email list and how can it benefit your business?

Hi! I’m Taylor Georgia based wedding photographer and photography educator. I’m so glad you stumbled across my blog! In this blog we will be discussing what is an email list and why you need to start one if you haven’t already.

What is an email list?

An email list is simply a list of email addresses a business has gathered from their website visitors or customers that would like to receive information, updates, and other details regarding that business. Whenever you subscribe to receive emails from a place like target or old navy you are joining their email list. An email list is an important tool to help grow your business.

Now that you have a definition of an email list let’s talk about why you should start one!

Benefits of an email list:

  1. You own those emails

I don’t mean you own that persons email literally but that is a way to communicate with a client on your terms. The only way that an email can be taken from you is if someone unsubscribes to it. With social media like Instagram and Facebook you do not own those followers. I know so many people who have lost their social medias and have no way to contact their followers. Social media has full control over your account so having something that you fully control can only benefit you

  • Emails build trust

When a person subscribes to your email, they are putting their trust in your business. They want to be updated on all the things you are doing. So, build a relationship with those people and allow them to get to know you. Show up for them and serve them well.

  • You sell directly to your audience

Once a potential client subscribes you can sell directly to them. You have built a trust with them so when it is time for you to launch something like a new course or a mini session, they are more likely to purchase it. When you Post on social media you have no control over who sees it but when you send out emails to your email list you know they will see it.

Why I started an email list

One of my main goals this year was to scale my business. I feel like to make my business what I want it to be an email list is necessary. Honestly an email list is necessary for any business. I personally don’t love how social media is today I feel like the only way to be seen is to pay and I just don’t want to do that. I think having an audience who is there for me is more important than having followers just for the number. I want to build a personal relationship with all my clients and future clients!

So, if you would like to get updates on my business and all the exciting new things coming in 2022 make sure to sign up for my email list below!

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