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5 limiting Beliefs about Instagram that I am not taking into 2023 with me as a wedding photographer and business owner.

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Taylor Morton • December 28, 2022

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As a wedding photographer and business owner, I’m leaving behind five limiting beliefs about Instagram that have been holding me back.

The first one is the idea that I must post on my feed every day in order to grow. While there are lots of benefits to sharing content regularly, it’s not necessary or sustainable for everyone to post daily. So in 2023 I’m leaving this behind and focusing on creating meaningful content that resonates with my audience.

The second belief is prioritizing content over creating a connection with someone. Instead of just trying to get more eyeballs on my work, I’m going to be investing time and effort into creating meaningful relationships online. This means getting to know my followers, engaging with their posts and taking the time to nurture relationships.

The third belief is that Instagram is the only platform I can use to grow my business. While instagram certainly has its benefits, it’s not the only game in town – there are plenty of other social media platforms out there where I can showcase my work and make connections. In 2023, I’ll be exploring other platforms such as TikTok, Pinterest, etc.

The fourth belief is that reel views determine my worth. While it’s nice to have lots of views on my reels, this doesn’t necessarily translate into followers or customers. Instead of obsessing over view count, I’ll be focusing on creating content that is meaningful and resonates with my audience.

And the fifth and biggest one is that followers equal clients, or that the number of followers I have determines my value. Having lots of followers can definitely be beneficial for a business, but it’s not the only thing that matters. Rather than just chasing followers, I’ll be focusing on providing genuine value to my audience and building relationships with potential customers.

By leaving behind these five limiting beliefs about instagram in 2023, I’m setting myself up for success as a wedding photographer and business owner. Goodbye 2022s! Here’s to a bright future of instagram success in the 2023s!

Hope this helps!

if you want to hear the full podcast episode you can find that here!

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